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100 years of Prague architecture

SATPO is part of the 100th anniversary exhibition of Prague architecture, which takes place in Prague's Manes Gallery from 15th September to 10th October 2018.

We are honored to be a part of such a unique project that celebrates not only architecture but also the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. The exhibition of our company will present our development projects with an emphasis on the unique construction of Sacre Coeur2 Residence.

The exhibition is organized by the Architecture Week under the auspices of the capital Prague and will be attended by the most important architectural offices and developers of the Czech and Slovak Republics.

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The City Home Company offers affordable housing from 1 room + kitchenette to 5 rooms + kitchenette in the centre of Prague and the surrounding areas, it also offers commercial areas for lease and cellars for sale. As well as offering real estate for sale and lease, the company also provides services such as brokering sale, legal, financial and expert consultancy, including supplementary services, such as insurance of real estate, moving services, etc.

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