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Two new attic apartments in Prague 5 for sale

Take advantage of a unique offer to buy a new spacious attic apartment with a layout of 2+kk or 2+1 in an attractive location under Prague's Petřín in Grafická Street with a special discount of up to 600,000 CZK. An investment opportunity that will not be repeated.

The brand new ground floor construction of two modern and bright apartments combines an airy and open concept upper floor that gives the space a lightness and a timeless look. Both apartments are located on the 5th floor of a brick building with a newly built elevator.

  • apartment unit with a layout of 2+1 with an area of 64 m2
  • apartment unit with a layout of 2+kk with an area of 58 m2

An extensive renovation took place within the house, which included the replacement of the roofing, the replacement of electrical wiring, the reconstruction of the backyard, the total reconstruction of the courtyard facade and the construction of an elevator. The apartments will be monitored by a camera system. Relaxation, baths and massages can be enjoyed right in the house in the luxurious Oriental Spa & Wellness, which is located in the basement of the house. The newly renovated backyard is used for sitting with family or friends. Parking is possible in front of the house within the blue zone. Two parking cards can be obtained from the city district for a price of CZK 2,400 for both cars.

The surroundings of the house are fully equipped with a full range of services that correspond to the inner city. Within a short walking distance is Prague's Anděl, where there are full civic amenities. The house is directly adjacent to the Sacre Coeur park and within walking distance are the Kinsky Park, Újezd and Petřín.

For a non-binding tour or more information, do not hesitate to contact our client center. As part of our services, we will provide you with all legal and advisory services completely free of charge, we will offer the services of the LIVING club, for example, moving, home insurance at a favorable price or furnishing of the apartment unit from verified partners.

The company SATPO management, s.r.o. offers these units from an external partner.

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