about the project


Holečkova House offers the best the centre of Prague can offer – extensive green spaces in nearby parks, trusted brand stores, high quality services, experienced schools and nurseries, private medical care, sports centre clubs, a rich cultural life and much more besides. Holečkova House is a place where beauty, function, necessity and luxury coincide; it is the promise of a premium lifestyle.

The architecture is based on the existing urban structure and offers two exclusive apartments and commercial premises of the highest standard. The building’s height maintains the rhythm of the existing part of the residential block, as the architectural details are inspired by contemporary trends, with an ingenious internal layout with great stress on finishing touches.

The layout of the commercial premises and apartment units together form a harmoniously composed whole and are designed to appear timeless and contemporary. The first four above-ground storeys contain commercial premises designated for administrative and business use, with spacious apartments with large terraces located on separate storeys on the remaining two top floors. The common area includes an elegant reception with a wide range of services provided and plentiful parking spaces and basement storage areas, as well as outdoor parking spaces.

Holečkova House is designed for anyone who appreciates being within walking distance of Prague’s historic centre while also seeking out quiet, rest and active relaxation within a natural environment. Holečkova House showcases its premium nature right down to the very finest of details.


In a city where space and light and rare commodities, how can both be delivered in abundance? This question governed our whole decision-making process in coming up with the Holečkova House design, and the answer was: elegantly and ingeniously. This is proven in the cascading terraces of our two apartment units, each on its own floor, the large fitted windows, glass from floor to ceiling on every commercial storey, the spacious lobby, complete heating coverage, and focus on sunlight. The overall layout stresses individual satisfaction and respects the key elements of life: the calming and energising mind, body and soul of the residents within.

For modernists with a passion for tradition, Holečkova House offers contemporary office premises and accommodation in a premium residential neighbourhood sought after by the wealthy. It meets a high standard in terms of the use of modern technologies and timeless design.


Holečkova House’s architectural design exploits natural materials and textures to create an environment which marries artistic and optimistic concepts. The exterior’s fresh design uses light colour next to surrounding greenery, while artificial materials – concrete and metal – copy nature and enhance the organic ambience.


Your generous and hospitable welcome begins right when you enter Holečkova House. The first floor contains an open and unhindered reception zone along with a pleasant lounge area. Floor-to-ceiling windows surround the room and create an elegant, calming and uplifting area with a premium ambience designed for socialising or relaxing. Put simply, it will be enjoyed by all entering and leaving. 

Every day, and numerous times a day, your needs and wishes are met by our reception offering a wide range of services, securing the safety and comfort of residents. The entire first floor is given over to commercial needs, relaxation and socialising, and the entrance to the building is fitted with benches and areas for safely securing bicycles.

There are plentiful parking spaces and basement storage areas. The option of outdoor parking and wheelchair accessibility along with modern technologies and a high standard of home furnishings represent lasting value and a long-term investment guarantee.