We offer complex real estate services, mediation of sale or lease to all owners of SATPO residential properties. 

We know the properties of our residential projects in the smallest detail, we can find all the documentation for the units and be a professional partner for the new owner within any changes in the layout of the property. Thanks to long-term building relationships with clients, we have a wide database for finding  potential buyer for the sale or lease of your property.

We can provide:

  • preparing a property for sale or rent  
  • services and management in sales
  • services and management for rent property
  • management and claims
  • additional services

We offer our professional services, consultancy and a wide range of additional services (moving, insuring, architect services etc.) to our clients through our professional team in a friendly and comfortable environment of SATPO sales center, which is located in our company. 

If you are interested in our services, you can contact us via or by phone +420 702 205 205.


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