The SATPO company provides a full range of professional real estate services. More than 20 years have rich experience in dealing with all phases of real estate valuation, development, planning, construction management to ensure successful sales and property management.

If you are the owner of an apartment building, development project or land for residential development and are considering selling or have information about interesting opportunities, please contact our acquisition specialist: 

  • Petra Poláková | acquisition specialist
  • SATPO management, s.r.o.| Holečkova Street 3331/35 | Prague 5
  • +420 702 205 205 | +420 296 336 900  | |

The evaluation of any property for the successful acquisition processes, our experienced team basic objective analysis that takes into account:
-  assessment of the current situation and future development potential for the development of the real estate market
-  analysis of the local market and assess the suitability of investment placement
-  evaluation of competing projects
-  analysis of sales prices and determination of the optimum price for the project
-  analysis of the project plan, design or modification of the basic concept
-  evaluation and calculation of return on investment
-  economic analysis of the balance of the project, estimated market value of the property
-  ĺegislative and legal services
-  recommendation of the most appropriate project financing

The basic assumption of the analysis is to identify the critical issues at an early stage of planning and project development before buying.