We support and help


We value health and human life, we help those who need it most:

The DOBRÝ ANDĚL (GOOD ANGEL) financial foundation helps families with children in which either a child or a parent fights cancer and which have found themselves in financial distress due to this disease.
Join us and become a GOOD ANGEL too! Your financial contribution will be distributed by the foundation down to the smallest amount and moreover, thanks to a unique system, you will be able to recognize and meet the concrete person or family you help. For more information please visit www.dobryandel.cz .

At the same time, since 2006 supports the company SATPO annually and regularly supports Our child endowment fund financially  in the amount of CZK 250.000, -. The main purpose of the Our Child Foundation is to assist battered, abused, disabled, vulnerable and abandoned children who find themselves in a difficult situation. Our company builds new homes for a happy life, undoubtedly where children belong, and in this way also pleased to help those who need it most. For more information: www.nasedite.cz .
In the past we supported other foundations through financial donations:
  • Purporové heart - brings together the community prematurely born children worldwide compassion and hope
  • Pomoc popáleným (Assistance to the Burned) – endowment fund for the assistance to the burned
  • Kapka naděje (Drop of Hope) – endowment fund for the assistance to children with blood disorders and to children whose disease requires bone marrow transplantation
  • Mirabilis – civic association for the support of assistance service
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